Apple Watch Series 9 is at its lowest price ever

This Apple Watch Series 9 has GPS + Cellular, a fitness tracker, sensors for heart health and blood oxygen, and an always-on Retina display. It’s also on sale for the lowest price since its release.

The 41mm (Product) RED Apple Watch Series 9 with GPS + Cellular dropped by $200

Apple Watch Series 9 is the latest smartwatch to come out of Apple camp. If you have an Apple Watch SE or Apple Watch Series 8 (or earlier), there’s a bump in features in this model.

The Series 9 has GPS and cellular coverage, which means you don’t need your iPhone with you while you hit the gym, walk around the block, or leave the house for the day. You can use your watch to perform your normal activities, like reading emails, making and taking calls, streaming music, replying to texts, turning on smart bulbs, adjusting the temperature on your smart thermostat, and performing all your other smart home tasks.

swimmer wearing Apple Watch Series 9

The Apple Watch Series 9 has a water resistance rating that allows for activities like swimming in open water or the pool, showering, and running in the rain. Like other smartwatches in the Apple Watch series, this model has an abundance of trackers onboard to measure your heart rate, steps, exercise time, blood oxygen, sleep, energy exerted, laps ran and swum, and more.

New to the Apple Watch Series 9 is Double Tap gesture. By tapping your thumb and middle fingers together, you can open apps without needing to use the touchscreen. This allows you to check the weather, see your calendar, glance at your health stats, and open various apps in a hurry.

Note: this sale price is good for one model of Apple Series 9 smartwatch, and that’s the (Product) RED model with the medium-large band. You can always switch out the band to a smaller size if that’s an issue, but you only have one color choice for the watch itself.

This model normally sells for $500. You’ll save $200 by jumping on this deal today.


  • Bright 2,000 nits touchscreen
  • Integrates with Apple HomeKit
  • Fast and responsive
  • No need to carry your iPhone with you
  • New Double Tap gestures


  • The sale price is only good on the (Product) RED model

Get the Apple Watch Series 9 (Product) RED for $307 at Amazon