Amazon Echo Show 8 sale

The third-generation Amazon Echo Show 8 has an eight-inch HD touchscreen, spatial audio, and excellent privacy settings, making it one of the best smart home hubs money can buy. Save $55 on one of the most popular Alexa hubs The 3rd-Gen Amazon Echo Show 8… Read More

Amazon Fire Max 11 sale

The Amazon Fire Max 11 is the latest release in tablets from the online superstore. It’s a fantastic all-around tablet and smart home controller. A lightweight Android tablet with a 14-hour battery life The Amazon Fire Max 11 is a perfect all-around lightweight Android tablet… Read More

Amazon Echo Show 5 is on sale

The space-saving Echo Show 5 is a smart home hub with a 5.5” touchscreen, camera, and Alexa support. It’s just the right size for video calls, listening to tunes, and managing your smart home. Take $15 off this smart home hub this week If you’ve… Read More