Best smart plug deals right now

We’ve rounded up a list of the best smart plug deals for the day. These tried and true smart home accessories connect to your home Wi-Fi network, work with all smartphones and hubs, and give you complete control over outlets. Kasa Matter smart plug with… Read More

This Amazon smart plug is 20 percent off

The rectangular Amazon smart plug works exclusively with Alexa, connects to your Wi-Fi, and schedules appliances, lights, and other devices to turn on and off on a schedule. Add some intelligence to your outlets If you’ve ever crawled into bed only to realize you forgot… Read More

The Wyze smart door lock is on sale

This Wyze smart door lock works with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and fits most deadbolts. Retrofitted for most locks The Wyze smart door lock unlocks with an app, your voice, and a standard key. Cheaper to install than a complete replacement lock, the Wyze is retrofitted… Read More