Alexa smart bulbs are $4

These smart bulbs from Sengled auto pair with Alexa devices, have a warm light, and won’t drag your Wi-Fi speeds down. Sengled smart bulbs work only with Alexa Installing smart bulbs is a pretty slow and time-consuming process sometimes, but these Alexa smart bulbs from… Read More

The Amazon Echo Dot sale is on

The newest Amazon Echo Dot 5th-gen has a richer sound, gives you access to all your favorite streaming services, and keeps Alexa at the ready. Amazon’s Echo Dot is a winner The Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen) is a huge step up from the previous… Read More

Amazon Echo Show 8 sale

The third-generation Amazon Echo Show 8 has an eight-inch HD touchscreen, spatial audio, and excellent privacy settings, making it one of the best smart home hubs money can buy. Save $50 on one of the most popular Alexa hubs The 3rd-Gen Amazon Echo Show 8… Read More