Best energy-monitoring smart plugs

The best energy-monitoring smart plugs give you all the good things we love about run-of-the-mill smart plugs, like voice control and touch control with your smartphone and smart home hub, while also keeping a minute-by-minute accounting of your electrical usage. So, if you have an… Read More

Best Alexa smart plugs

Alexa smart plugs aren’t hard to find, but some don’t measure up as well as others. Amazon introduced Alexa in 2014 alongside the first-generation Amazon Echo. Back then, Alexa wasn’t very helpful. Amazon’s smart home hub was a crude version of today’s super-intelligent and useful… Read More

These smart plugs work with everything

TP-Link Tapo smart plugs support Matter, have a compact design that doesn’t block other outlets, and work with everything. TP-Link smart plugs work with every hub and device Smart plugs are one of the quickest and cheapest ways to jump on the smart home bandwagon.… Read More