Best smart home deal: Etekcity smart scale

The best smart home deal today is this smart scale from Etekcity. It measures in ounces and grams and syncs data to fitness and health apps.

Be intentional with your food choice with this smart scale

The Etekcity smart scale is our best smart home deal of the day. It has a big digital display and a barcode scanner, and it records all that information with your fitness apps, helping you stay on top of your health goals.

This smart scale comes with the free VeSync app that pairs with other health and fitness applications you may have, including Apple Health (and your Apple Watch) and Fitbit. There’s an extensive food database in the app with nearly one million items, and you can also add your own customized food data.

etekcity smart scale on kitchen counter

If you choose not to sync the Etekcity smart scale with another health app already on your phone, you can use VeSync’s built-in nutrition diary to monitor your daily, weekly, and monthly habits.

Those who regularly consume protein bars or other prepared foods will love the UPC barcode. Scan any barcode, and the VeSync app will automatically add calories, vitamins, minters, and other health details into the app and also share that data with Apple Health and Fitbit.


  • Easy-to-read display
  • Auto shut-off
  • Syncs with Apple Health and Fitbit
  • Nutrition diary
  • UPC barcode scanner


  • The Barcode scanner only works in the U.S.

Will this smart scale fit your lifestyle?

If you own an Apple Watch or Fitbit, or you’re OK with using the free VeSync app to collect data, the Etekcity smart scale is an excellent value and a capable, accurate tool for your health and fitness journey.

If you’re an Android user tied to the Google Fit app, you may wish to take a pass. Etekcity isn’t compatible with Google Fit, so you’ll be stuck using VeSync without a way to transfer that information to Google Fit.

The Etekcity smart scale is on sale for $15 at Amazon