Best TV antenna 2024

What do all the best TV antennas have in common? They help you tune in to all the new shows, local news, and live sporting events without spending money on more streaming services or cable. We can all get behind saving a little green, right?

Before you invest in an antenna, look to see how many channels are available where you live so you know how long your reach needs to be. You can do that with this DTV reception map.

These are the top five TV antennas of the year.

SanDisk Amplified HDTV digital antenna

350+ mile range

SanDisk TV antenna

The best TV antenna for those who have a FOMO and love to channel surf is from SanDisk. This is a new release antenna and already a favorite. It can reach up to 350 miles away, installs indoors and outdoors, and supports all 4K TVs. There’s a built-in amplifier and a smart IC chip that work in tandem to filter out interfering signals and deliver a clear picture.

The SanDisk TV antenna is found on Amazon

Gesobyte Amplified HD digital TV antenna

250+ mile range


Whether you have a smart TV or an older model set, this antenna uses your cable connection and an amplified signal booster to pull in channels up to 250 miles away. This is Gesobyte’s newest model, and it features Full HD sound and picture quality. It comes with a long coaxial cable and a USB power adapter. If you want to get every possible channel, this is the antenna you want.

The Gesobyte TV antenna is on Amazon

ClearStream 4 indoor/outdoor HDTV antenna

70+ mile range

TV antenna mounted on roof

The ClearStream 4 mounts on your roof, attic, or the highest level in your home and delivers 4K channels within a 70-mile range. This is a multidirectional antenna, so even though it has less reach, it can latch on to signals that are normally hindered by trees, hills, and other obstacles. This kit comes with the antenna, pivoting base, sealing pads, and all hardware needed for installation.

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Insignia amplified indoor HDTV antenna

60-mile range

indoor TV antenna sitting next to TV on entertainment center

The thin model from Insignia is best for those who own a 4K HDTV television. It captures VHF and UHF signals and reaches about 60 miles. The Insignia antenna is wall-mountable or can stand upright on any entertainment center, shelf, or window sill. This antenna includes a 10-foot coaxial cable, allowing for perfect placement.

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Mohu Leaf amplified HDTV antenna

60-mile range

antenna attached to window

The Mohu leaf antenna has a 60-mile range and secures to a wall or window. This amplified antenna has a Jolt Switch that you can toggle on or off to boost the signal. It’s compatible with all Full HD 1080p, 4K, and 8K sets, so the Mohu is a good choice no matter your television model. If you live in a city or right on the outskirts, this is the best antenna for your house.

The Mohu Leaf is found on Best Buy and Mohu

Don’t forget

Once you have your new TV antenna installed and plugged in, be sure to rescan for channels. You can do this in your television’s settings menu.