Clean without lifting a finger with the iHome robot vacuum

The iHome AutoVac Juno robot vacuum has strong suction, runs for two hours before needing a recharge, and does all the heavy cleaning chores for you.

Save $120 this week

Skip the maid service and invest in a robot vacuum that can clean and scrub for you. This week, the iHome AutoVac Juno is available at a $120 discount. Now that’s a smart home deal that’s tough to pass up!

The AutoVac Juno lives up to its name, automatically cleaning carpeted and hard floors with incredible suction that powers over spilled messes, pet hair, dust, and dirt, sucking it all up without you needing to lift a finger.

This tough little cleaner picks up messes row by row, returns to its charging station when it needs to top off the battery, and has built-in mapping technology.

robot vacuum cleaning spill off kitchen floor

The AutoVac Juno is Wi-Fi-enabled and compatible with Google and Alexa devices like Google Nest Max and Amazon Echo Show 15. Adding this robot vac to your smart home hub gives you voice control and the ability to set timed cleanings and schedule routines. You can do the same with the free app and your smartphone. There are also on-device buttons if you want to skip the smart home integration.

The iHome vacuum’s slim profile fits under furniture and appliances, allowing it to travel to hard-to-reach areas.

Our only complaint is that this model does not self-empty, so you’ll need to handle that job yourself. However, that’s a small price to pay for a live-in robot vacuum that does all the heavy lifting for you.


  • Compatible with Alexa and Google
  • Cleans row by row
  • Ability to create scheduled cleanings
  • Does well on carpeting and hard floors
  • Picks up dirt, dust, and pet hair with ease


  • Not self-emptying

The iHome AutoVac Juno is $79 this week at Walmart