Conquer energy bills with a GE CYNC smart thermostat

The GE CYNC smart thermostat is Energy Star-certified, programmable, and pairs with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

No bridge or hub required

The GE CYNC smart thermostat connects to your home over Wi-Fi. Using the CYNC app, you can put your thermostat on a schedule to automatically raise the temperature in the morning and turn it down at night or while you’re on vacation. And since this smart thermostat is always connected to your home network, you can make changes to your heating and cooling system from wherever you are in the world with the free app.

If you’d like to add hands-free voice control, connect a smart hub from Amazon or Google. Smart home devices like the Amazon Echo Show 5 and the Google Nest Hub Max allow you to make schedules and adjustments on the larger screen of your hub.

A hub is not required, though. If you want to skip all that, the GE CYNC smart thermostat is controllable with the free Cync app from any iPhone or Android device.

GE CYNC smart thermostat on wall

This smart thermostat is compatible with most heating and cooling systems, including those without a C wire.

The GE CYNC smart thermostat is Energy Star certified and has an eco mode that helps you conserve energy and reduce your heating and cooling bills.


  • Voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • No hub required
  • Great value
  • Easy setup
  • Digital touchscreen


  • Cannot add to Apple HomeKit

Should you invest in the GE CYNC smart thermostat?

If you don’t currently employ a smart thermostat, the GE CYNC smart thermostat is a tough deal to pass up. It’s easy to use and install, costs less than other units, and can be controlled with the onboard touchscreen, your phone, and Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices.

If Apple HomeKit is your preferred home hub, you may have better options. While you can still use the free Cync app to operate this smart thermostat, you cannot add it to HomeKit and make it part of your growing smart home.

The GE CYNC smart thermostat is $96 at Best Buy