Save 75% on this wireless indoor/outdoor security camera

The Vision Well wireless indoor/outdoor security camera is wireless and has 1080p video and AI motion detection, plus a siren and alarm.

Now less than $50

The Vision Well wireless indoor/outdoor security camera has more safety features than any other brand and now costs less than $50.

Vision Well’s intuitive security camera mounts to any surface in less than 10 minutes. Put it in the entryway, the front porch, the back deck, a hallway, or anywhere else you need to monitor activity. It’s rechargeable, waterproof, and wire-free, so it blends in anywhere you need an extra set of eyes.

security camera on outside of house near front door

This Vision Well model connects to your home Wi-Fi network and comes with a free app that allows you to record video, view real-time action, and communicate with anyone via two-way talk.

With Vision Well, you’ll enjoy 1080p live video, stills, and color night vision. All images and video are clear and motion blur-free, making it the perfect indoor/outdoor security camera, indoor pet camera, or baby monitor.

Cloud storage subscription not required

Vision Well gives you two choices for viewing and saving videos: a local SD card or cloud storage. There’s no need to jump into a paid plan, either, because you’ll have access to free 3-day cloud storage. If you want more advanced features, like AI recognition and custom alerts, you’ll pay $2.99/month after the free 30-day trial.

Using the mobile app, you can set off a flashing white light or emergency siren to ward off thieves or alert the neighbors to trouble.

Our only complaint, and this isn’t unique to Vision Well, is that video recordings have a time limit of 20 seconds.


  • No subscription required
  • Clear picture
  • Night Vision
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent value


  • Only records for 20 seconds at a time

Get the Vision Well indoor/outdoor security camera at Amazon now for $38