The Emerson Sensi Touch 2 smart thermostat is on sale

This smart thermostat has a touchscreen color display panel for manual adjustments and it works over Wi-Fi and a free app with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and SmartThings

Save up to 23 percent on your energy bills with a smart thermostat

This smart thermostat from Emerson is programmable, has a bright color display, and spits out heating and cooling usage reports to help you reign in your energy costs.

The Sensi Touch 2 smart thermostat connects to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa smart home hubs like the Amazon Echo Show 15 and the Google Nest Hub 7. It’s also compatible with SmartThings. Once paired with your smart home hub, you’re able to change the temperature and schedule using your voice from another room. Employ the free Emerson smart home app and you can check on the temperature of your house from another state or country, and make adjustments as needed.

Emerson Sensi Touch 2 installation

Installation is easy to complete. Note: You will need a C wire for this model. The Sensi Touch 2 is also compatible with Sensi Room Sensors, which give you an accurate temperature reading of any room in your house.

Emerson is serious about privacy, which ranks up there near the top for my must-have features for any smart home appliance. They do not collect data, and that’s a win-win for everyone.


  • Excellent privacy policy
  • Compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and SmartThings
  • Voice controllable
  • Gives you accurate energy usage reports
  • Color touchscreen


  • No fan control

The Emerson Sensi Touch 2 smart thermostat is $153 at Amazon