The Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro price dropped

This two-pack Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro mesh router system has Wi-Fi 6E, covers 2,200 feet, and gives you reliable speeds for all your smart home’s connected devices.

Upgrade to mesh coverage with the Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro

The Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro two-pack comes with one mesh router and one extender and covers up to 2,500 feet. It’s a good option for those whose speeds and coverage are lacking in three to five-bedroom homes.

Upgrading your traditional Wi-Fi router to a mesh system gives you reliable, fast coverage throughout your entire living space. And, as you know, the more smart home devices you add to your system, the more Wi-Fi can get bogged down. The Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro fixes that by giving you steady Wi-Fi 6E speeds, no lag, and improved responsiveness.

This model is an excellent choice for those who game, stream TV and movies regularly, and don’t feel equipped to navigate through deep Wi-Fi settings menus. The Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro automatically adjusts network performance so everything runs smoothly, and it monitors itself, fixing common issues without any intervention needed by you. There’s also a bevy of privacy and security features already installed to keep you safe.

Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro is compatible with Google Assistant, Arlo, Wink, Hue, and Nest and supports up to 100 connected devices.


  • Supports up to 100 smart home devices, computers, and streaming boxes
    Great for gaming
    Simple setup


  • You’ll need an extender to cover more than 2,500 feet

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