The new Fitbit Ace LTE smartwatch for kids is now available

Google and Fitbit teamed up to make a smartwatch with LTE capability just for kids. The new Google Fitbit Ace LTE allows kids to text, play games, make phone calls, and more, all without a smartphone.

Fitbit Ace LTE is perfect for those not ready for a smartphone

It’s a challenge to discern when your kids are mature enough for their very own smartphone. Kids want the freedom to communicate with friends on their own, and you wouldn’t mind using your own iPad or phone without having to pry it out of your child’s hands.

The Fitbit Ace LTE hits the sweet spot for kids and parents. With hardcore parental controls, LTE access, fitness tracker capabilities, and access to Fitbit Arcade, the Fitbit Ace is basically a smartphone in a smartwatch shell.

All the things we love about the Fitbit Ace LTE

Fitbit Ace LTE next to smartphone

Designed for kids ages 7 and up but perfectly appropriate for a younger crowd, the all-new Fitbit Ace gets a lot right. Our favorite features include:

  • LTE connectivity lets kids text, make calls, and leave voice messages
  • Solid parental protections
  • Good fitness tracker that encourages kids to move
  • Waterproof
  • Available in two colorways
  • Parents see their child’s location 24/7

A monthly data plan is required

Fitbit Ace LTE on girl's wrist

Keep in mind that in order for this smartwatch to function as it’s intended, you’ll need to fork out for the Ace Pass, an unlimited LTE data plan that runs about $10/month. That’s less expensive than a cell plan and a cheap way to give your children a little independence and you some peace of mind.

The Ace Pass includes free calling, messaging, location sharing, and access to every game title in the Fitbit Arcade.

There are no LTE activation fees or service contracts to worry about, and you can cancel without fees at any time.

The Fitbit Ace LTE is available exclusively at Fitbit, Amazon, and the Google Store.