The ThermoPro 500FT smart meat thermometer is $20 off

This wireless Bluetooth smart meat thermometer is fast, accurate, and on sale now.

Get a start on building your smart kitchen

The ThermoPro 500T is the easiest way to start building up your smart kitchen. With a mind-boggling 500-foot Bluetooth range, you can remotely monitor the internal temps of chicken, turnkey, steak, and other foods while you’re watching the game in another room. No more getting up off the couch to eyeball your ribs or check the grill temperature.

The ThermoPro smart meat thermometer checks the temperature of smokers and grills, has nine preset temperatures, and it’s dishwasher-safe. And best of all, it’s wire-free.

smart meat thermometer on cutting board

This kit comes with one probe and two sensors and syncs with a free app to help you nail the perfect cook time on grills, ovens, and smoke pits. The built-in smart alarm has vibrate and audible alarms to help you take the guesswork out of cooking.

This smart thermometer works with all rotisseries, sous vide, ovens, grills, and smokers. The cool-touch ceramic handle is safe in temperatures up to 572 degrees yet remains cool to the touch.


  • Cool touch handle
  • 500-foot Bluetooth range
  • Works with grills and smokers, too
  • 9 presets
  • Wireless
  • Great app


  • You’ll need to charge it overnight for long cooking sessions

Grab this smart meat thermometer for $70 now at Amazon when you clip the coupon