There’s an Apple AirTag sale happening now

Attach an Apple AirTag to your keys, dog’s collar, wallet, or any other item you want to keep track of, and you’ll have instant access to their location in Find My on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Apple AirTag 4-pack is priced right

When you lose your keys, nothing works faster or better than Apple AirTags at helping you find them and move on with your day. AirTags work in tandem with the Find My app on your Apple devices, using Bluetooth to track down anything you attach to an Apple AirTag.

Unlike other Bluetooth trackers, Apple AirTags are a breeze to set up. With a simple tap, AirTags connect instantly with your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, showing its exact location.

If you lose an item close to home, you simply open the Find My app, and you’ll see exactly where that AirTag is in relation to you. When you lose something of value while out and about, you put an AirTag into Lost Mode, and Apple does the hard work, automatically sending you a message when it’s detected on the network.

Apple AirTag in zippered pocket

AirTags use a CR2032 disc battery, and four are included with this deal. Each battery holds out for about a year before needing replacement.

Apple AirTags are IP67 water-resistant, so they’re safe from dust, sun damage, and inclement weather.

Apple AirTags are invaluable if you frequently lose important things, your dog tends to run off, or you frequently travel. Numerous news stories have shown travelers tracking down their stolen luggage using nothing more than an AirTag and the Find My app.


  • Easy to use
  • Gives exact location of items
  • Good value for your money
  • Small enough to put on a dog collar or in your wallet
  • Replaceable batteries last for up to one year


  • Requires an iPhone

Are Apple AirTags right for you?

If you’re invested in the Apple ecosystem and don’t plan to switch over to Android, Apple AirTags are an essential accessory for those who commonly misplace items. AirTags are small enough to slip inside a wallet, purse, stroller, camera bag, or your luggage and track its precise location.

If you have an Android phone and won’t be moving to an iPhone, you’ll want to take a hard pass and, instead, look for a Bluetooth tracker made just for your operating system.

Get a four-pack of Apple AirTags for $80 at Walmart and Best Buy

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