These smart blood pressure monitors will change your life

If your doctor has asked you to watch your BP, skip the old-school machines and go with a smart blood pressure monitor. No more trying to find a scrap of paper to write down your readings and, later, trying to find that piece of paper.

Smart blood pressure monitors work in tandem with your smartphone and tablet, storing records digitally forever inside an app. You can instantly share results with your healthcare team, import them to your health and fitness apps, and look back on your results to chart your progress.

These are the best smart pressure monitors you can buy this year.

iHealth Track

smart blood pressure monitor next to smartphone and product box

The remarkably accurate iHealth Track smart blood pressure monitor runs on 4 AAA batteries and works with Android and iOS, so you can use your smartphone, Android tablet, or iPad to see your results in real-time. The iHealth Track is easy to operate, stores unlimited readings on your tablet and phone, and is accurate. If you choose not to connect your smart device to this smart blood pressure monitor, it will record and store up to 99 readings in its internal memory.

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OMRON Silver

Omron Silver smart blood pressure monitor

OMRON Silver is a Bluetooth-enabled upper arm blood pressure monitor. Using the OMRON Connect free app for Android and iOS, you’ll be able to store unlimited results on your smartphone to share with your doctor. The pre-formed cuff is comfortable and inflates reliably, and the OMRON is spot-on accurate. OMRON Silver displays irregular heartbeat information and has a hypertension indicator.

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Withings BPM Connect

portable smart blood pressure monitor

The Withings BPM Connect is a digital blood pressure machine with an attached arm cuff that is perfect for travel and home use. It’s small, returns color-coded feedback and is FDA-cleared. The Withings smart blood pressure monitor has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sync, works with all iPhones, and results can automatically be emailed to your doctor. This model has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to six months.

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Greater Goods Bluetooth blood pressure monitor

bluetooth smart blood pressure monitor next to smartphone

Greater Goods runs on electricity or batteries. It has a big, bright display that’s easy to read and an adjustable cuff that fits most arms. You can track your BP trends to see fluctuations by connecting this monitor to your smartphone. The Greater Goods BP machine comes with the cuff, batteries, wall plug, and a travel case.

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