This smart alarm clock can charge your phone

Emerson SmartSet is an inexpensive smart alarm clock that can wirelessly charge your phone and wake you up in the morning.

Recharge your phone while you recharge your body

Emerson Smartset is a basic-looking smart alarm clock with a lot going on under the hood.

The oversized 1.4-inch red LED with four dimmer levels shows the current time and alarms set and also displays the room temperature, thanks to a built-in sensor.

On top of the alarm are the usual buttons to set the time, adjust the alarms, snooze, set the volume, and pick a radio station. A built-in wireless charging station on top also recharges your phone at night while you rest. The charging supports up to 5W and is compatible with most smartphones and earbuds.

This smart alarm automatically adjusts to the correct time, year, date, and month the second you plug it in, so you never need to worry about resetting the clock if the power goes out. It also recognizes Daylight Savings Time at your location, making adjustments without your intervention.


  • Dimmable display
  • Wirelessly charges phones, earbuds, and watches
  • Automatically sets the time
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Excellent value


  • Directions could be better

The Emerson Smartset smart alarm clock is now $24 at Amazon