This water sensor kit protects your valuables

The Govee Wi-Fi water sensor kit comes with one gateway and three sensors and protects your home from unexpected water damage.

Govee’s water sensor kit is on sale

A faucet drip is a nuisance, but a leaking water heater or hose can destroy your home. This battery-powered water sensor kit from Govee defends against water damage and gives you some piece of mind.

This complete kit of goods includes three wireless water sensors and one Wi-Fi gateway. Place the sensors anywhere you have potential leakage issues. Govee detects everything from minor drips to all-out gushing and alerts residents with an audible alarm and through the Govee app or email.

Govee water sensor kit

You can pair up to 10 sensors with each Govee Wi-Fi gateway. That’s enough to cover bathrooms, the basement, laundry rooms, the kitchen, and anywhere else water can cause problems.

The full-featured Govee app is a piece of cake to use and gives an added sense of security to renters and homeowners, especially when away from home.

You can’t use voice control with Govee, and the sensors take two AAA batteries. Still, we think the peace of mind makes up for those shortcomings.


  • Accurate
  • Audible alarm loud enough to hear in any size home
  • Intuitive app
  • Alerts sent to app or email
  • Pairable with 10 sensors
  • Durable build


  • No voice command

Now $46 at Govee