Upgrade to this smart dryer and save $350

The Samsung smart dryer is a front-loading machine with endless settings and sensors that stop the machine when clothes are dry, and it integrates with your smart home.

Save energy and time by adding this smart dryer to your home

Smart dryers are still a relatively new technology, but Samsung has hit a home run with this model. An internal mechanism called Sensor Dry prevents overdrying of clothes, saving electricity and preserving the quality of your garments.

This dryer has four temperature settings, an LED display, a reversible dryer door, and a lint filter indicator that reminds you when to clean the filter. The 10 preset drying cycles optimize your time and fabrics, while the high-capacity size gives you enough space to tackle big jobs.

This Samsung smart dryer integrates with your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to start and stop dryer cycles remotely, see end-of-cycle alerts, and perform regular maintenance like removing lint from the built-in filter.

Wi-Fi works with SmartThings, and you can add this dryer to your smart home using Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit devices like the Apple HomePod.


  • Integrates with your smart home over Wi-Fi
  • Controllable remotely via an app
  • Large-capacity
  • Endless settings
  • LED display


  • Voice control not supported yet

This Samsung smart dryer is now $750 at Best Buy