Amazon Echo Glow is the smart night-light of your dreams

Amazon Echo Glow is a Wi-Fi night-light with touch controls and 16 color-changing lights that’s a perfect fit for any bedside table.

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The Amazon Echo Glow is a night-light and smart lamp in one. Without a microphone or camera, you can set your privacy concerns aside. Billed as a children’s night-light, this smart lamp is appropriate for all ages , including elderly users, who may need a little extra light.

The Echo Glow is dimmable with a simple touch, and when added to your smart home hub and phone, it can interact with other Alexa devices and routines. Because it doesn’t have a microphone, this night-light has no voice control unless you add it to an existing Echo device, like the Amazon Echo Dot Kids or the Echo Show 15.

This smart night-light is small enough to fit on any nightstand, yet big enough to emit colorful light and operate the touchscreen controls through taps.

Amazon Echo Glow on nightstand next to crayons and books

Amazon’s smart lamp changes colors, gives you visual reminders for events and alarms, and is an excellent all-around smart night-light and mood-setting smart device.


  • Simple setup
  • Dimmable
  • Easy-to-use tap controls
  • Pairable with other Alexa devices
  • All the colors of the rainbow


  • Voice control only works when paired with another Alexa device

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