Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ is on sale

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ has been on the market for only a few months and is already on sale. It has a beautiful 11-inch touchscreen, comes in three colors, and has blazingly fast speeds for gaming, video chats, movies, and more.

Save $50 on this impressive Android tablet

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ hit the market with a bang in late 2023, and it’s on sale for the first time since its release.

Decked out with four speakers, 64GB, and a gorgeous 11-inch screen, this Android tablet is suitable for work, entertainment, surfing the net, and managing your smart home devices.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ color options

This capable Android tablet has a 90Hz refresh rate, so video calls, movies, sporting events, and games are smooth and never stutter. Toss in the quad speakers, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ is a winner for all things entertainment.

And if you’re looking for a smart home manager, this is a good fit. Using Google Home, you can control smart light strips, smart bulbs, communicate with people at your front door’s video doorbell, and change all your smart devices settings.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ has excellent parental controls and a split-screen view and is a good fit for everyone in the family.


  • Keeps up gaming, movies, and sporting events
  • Great parental controls
  • Quad speakers
  • Split screen view
  • Excellent smart home controller


  • USB-C charging brick not included

The A9+ is on sale now for $220 at Best Buy