Amazon Fire Max 11 sale

The Amazon Fire Max 11 is the latest release in tablets from the online superstore. It’s a fantastic all-around tablet and smart home controller.

A lightweight Android tablet with a 14-hour battery life

The Amazon Fire Max 11 is a perfect all-around lightweight Android tablet for controlling your smart home, gaming, getting some work done, watching movies, video chatting, and cruising the internet. With an impressive 14 hours of battery life, this tablet will serve all your needs and not wear out before you do.

person gaming on Amazon Fire Max 11 Android tablet

Let’s jump into the specs.

This Android tablet has a vivid 11-inch screen with 2.4 million pixels. It’s fantastic for everything from watching movies to reading to gaming. The reliably fast octa-core processor connects to your Wi-Fi router using Wi-Fi 6, streams beautifully fast, and supports all your daily tasks and entertainment needs. All of this is packaged in a lightweight, sleek aluminum case that isn’t prone to scratches.

Alexa is baked into the Fire Max 11, and you can call her up with your voice to check on your outdoor security camera, turn on smart bulbs, answer your video doorbell, and manage your entire smart home.

Amazon Fire Max 11 video chat

Prop the Amazon Fire Max 11 up on a desk or kitchen counter with a case, and you have a smart display that’s the ideal size for following recipes in the kitchen, watching movies, or video chatting with family.

Our biggest complaint is that this tablet runs on Fire OS, which is a variant of Google Android. As such, app selection is limited to what is currently available on Amazon. Google Play is not installed by default, but you can do that on your own.


  • Vibrant 11-inch screen
  • Enough power for gaming, movies, video chatting, and multitasking
  • Sleek design
  • 14-hour battery life
  • Excellent smart home manager


  • You’ll need to install Google Play yourself to have access to a better selection of apps

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