Save on the Ring wireless doorbell

The second-generation Ring wireless doorbell serves up 1080p video, has two-way talk, and keeps a close eye on your door with motion detection.

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The Ring wireless doorbell lets you speak with visitors at your front door and see everything that’s going on in front of the camera. Using the free Ring app, you set zones for the Ring’s camera to view and record, and it captures all motion in that area.

This second-generation Ring wireless doorbell installs in less than an hour and is compatible with all Alexa smart home hubs, like the Amazon Echo Show 15 and Amazon Echo Show 8. When you sync those devices with your video doorbell, you can see and hear who’s at your door on your Amazon hub in real time, have a chat with them, and change your Ring’s settings. You can also use a screen-less device like the Amazon Echo Dot as a speaker for the Ring’s doorbell.

Ring wireless doorbell controls on smartphone

Like most video doorbells, this Ring smart doorbell requires a subscription to store your footage in the cloud. That will run you $4/month or $40/year.


  • Simple setup
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Compatible with all Alexa devices and smartphones
  • Good coverage
  • Two-way talk


  • Requires a monthly or yearly subscription

Is the Ring wireless doorbell for you?

If you already own Amazon Alexa devices, the Ring wireless doorbell will fit right into your current setup. Video displays on all Amazon Echo smart hubs and smart speakers can sound your doorbell’s chimes. Note: you don’t need an Amazon hub for this doorbell to serve you well, but it’s a nice addition.

If you’re fully invested in Google Home, you’re probably better off going with a Google Nest doorbell.

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