Best Amazon Echo Dot stands 2024

Amazon Echo Dot stands lift your speaker off any surface, giving you better control over sound and sometimes bringing it closer to an outlet.

The Amazon Echo Dot is a powerhouse of a speaker and one of Amazon’s best-selling smart home devices. The sound is mind-bending, tap gestures give you greater control over playback and volume, and built-in sensors tell you what the temperature and humidity are in the room. It’s an all-around fantastic smart speaker that rings up cheaper at the register than other options.

If you’ve been looking for a way to display your speaker or get it off your expensive bookcase, check out this list of the best Amazon Echo Dot stands.

Counlisha real wood stand

Counlisha Amazon Echo Dot stand

This Amazon Echo Dot stand from Counlisha is made of real wood. Choose between white oak or black walnut. Three wooden legs prop your speaker up while a soft foam cradles your Echo Dot in place. There are anti-slip silicone pads on the ends of the wooden holders to prevent sliding and also protect your furniture. This gorgeous stand fits the Amazon Echo Dot 4th and 5th generation models.

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Mission Cables Amazon Echo Dot battery base

Mission Cables Amazon Echo Dot battery base

This battery base fourth and 5th generation Amazon Echo Dots is a portable stand meant to prop your speaker up while it’s running on battery. The precut slits show the Echo Dot’s lights on the base and it houses your speaker and keeps it safely up and off the ground. This is a made-for-Amazon product that fits the Echo Dot like a glove, and comes in black or white.

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ZUOLACO wall mount

ZUOLACO wall mount for Amazon Echo Dot

If hanging cables and wires grate at your last nerve, you want the ZUOLACO wall mount holder for the Amazon Echo Dot. This outlet hanger and stand fits generations 4 and 5 and has built-in cable management. The ZUOLACO plugs into an outlet and holds your Dot against the wall. It’s a great accessory when space is tight.

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C YECEN table stand

blue Amazon Echo Dot stand

The C YECEN table stand gives your Echo Dot 4 or 5 a place to rest on a shelf, desk, or countertop. The built-in cable management system hides cords while the base’s design reflects the light from your notifications, so you never miss a thing. The C YECEN table stand has anti-slip strips on the bottom to prevent scratches to furniture and hold it in place.

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Nupro Star Wars Stormtrooper Amazon Echo Dot Stand

Nupro Star Wars Amazon Echo Dot stand

This limited edition Star Wars Stormtrooper stand houses the Amazon Echo Dot 4th and 5th generation speakers. The Stormtrooper’s eyes light up when the light ring from the Dot goes off or when Alexa is called up. The Nupro Stormtrooper stand gives your Dot a secure fit and is a fun and functional stand for Star Wars fans.

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