The Amazon Echo Dot sale is on

The newest Amazon Echo Dot 5th-gen has a richer sound, gives you access to all your favorite streaming services, and keeps Alexa at the ready.

Amazon’s Echo Dot is a winner

The Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen) is a huge step up from the previous 4th generation smart speaker. The bass is richer, the vocals are clearer, and the design is cleaner.

A built-in accelerometer in the 5th Gen Amazon Echo Dot lets you use tap gestures for quicker access and easier control over your smart home. And we love the addition of a temperature sensor. It’s a helpful way to keep tabs on your house while you’re away.

Amazon Echo Dot on kitchen counter

The Echo Dot 5th Gen lacks an external 3.5mm aux in/out port, so everything operates wirelessly now. If that was a feature you appreciated in earlier Echo Dot models, you’ll need to stick with Bluetooth pairing now or hang on to your 4th Gen model.

Connect the Amazon Echo Dot with your smart home and use it to control smart bulbs, smart locks, smart plugs, indoor security cameras, and all your other devices using only your voice.

If you were disappointed in the Amazon Echo Dot’s sound in earlier-generation models, you’ll dig this smart speaker. The balanced sound, louder vocals, and tap gestures make this model a well-rounded smart speaker that looks good in any room.


  • Big sound improves
  • Tap gestures
  • Temperature sensor
  • Great design
  • Good value


  • There’s no 3.5mm aux in/out port

Is the Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen worth it?

If you own the 4th Gen Amazon Echo Dot released in the fall of 2020, you’ll appreciate the addition of temperature sensors, bigger sound, and deeper bass. If the aux in/out port is something you regularly use on your Echo Dot, though, be aware the newest model lacks that feature.

Those starting an Alexa-based smart home can’t go wrong investing in the Amazon Echo Dot 5th generation smart speaker. It’s compact, has excellent sound, tap gestures, and it’s cheaper than previous models.

Get this smart speaker on sale for $28 at Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and Kohl’s

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