Best Ring doorbell accessories 2024

Ring doorbell accessories turn your competent video doorbell into a full-blown security system. Whether you employ a Ring wireless doorbell or the wired version, there are a few extras you can add to your setup to increase your field of view, change the look of your doorbell, increase its battery life, and make sure everyone in the house can hear the doorbell’s chimes.

These are the best Ring doorbell accessories this year.

Spare parts

Ring doorbell screwdriver and extra screws

If you have a wireless Ring doorbell, you know how easy it is to drop those little screws on the bottom of the battery door and lose them forever in deck boards and grass. This Ring doorbell toolkit from CYJJZQ comes with 20 extra screws and a screwdriver that fits all current Ring doorbells.

The CYJJZQ replacement Ring doorbell kit is found on Amazon

Weather and glare protection

black shade to protect Ring doorbell from weather and glare

All Ring doorbells are good at repelling moisture, raindrops, and snow. Still, an occasional raindrop or sun hitting the camera at just the right angle can obstruct your view. The Dgyezhao doorbell cover offers shade and weather-blocking protection so you always have a clear view.

You’ll find this Ring doorbell shade at Amazon

Wi-Fi extender and chime

Ring Chime Pro

The Ring Chime Pro extends your Wi-Fi signal up to 2,000 square feet, helping to boost the signal to your doorbell. It’s also a doorbell chime that gives real-time dings and dongs when someone presses the doorbell button on your Ring. This second-generation model plugs into any standard outlet and gives you a variety of chimes and tones to choose from. Plus, it has a built-in nightlight.

Get the Ring Chime Pro Gen 2 at Ring, The Home Depot, Best Buy, and Amazon

An anti-theft mount that doesn’t require installation

anti-theft Ring doorbell mount

If you live in an apartment where you’re not allowed to drill, don’t want to mess around with installation, or you’ve had theft issues, the Trushome doorbell mount should be in your cart already. It’s compatible with all Ring doorbells, mounts on your door without the need for drilling, and prevents someone from walking off with your doorbell.

The Trushome mount is on Amazon

A dual port battery charger

dual-port battery charger for Ring devices

If you have more than one Ring device, it can be an absolute pain to charge batteries individually in separate outlets. This dual port battery charger from Dechiany solves that problem by letting you charge two Ring batteries at the same time.

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Ring doorbell accessories honorable mentions

These are not the only brag-worthy Ring doorbell accessories on the market today. We also recommend solar charging to take advantage of the sun’s rays and trim your electric bill, faceplates that change the look of your Ring, spare batteries, and more.

All of these get a thumbs up from us and are worth mentioning: