Eufy’s Security S230 smart door lock is marked down

The eufy Security S230 is a smart door lock with a touch fingerprint scanner, keyless entry, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth access.

Lock your house down tight with this smart security lock

The eufy Security S230 smart door lock has built-in Wi-Fi and its own extender so you never have to worry about whether your indoor signal will reach far enough. Installation is quick and painless, and you can have this deadbolt lock up and running in under an hour.

This smart door lock has Bluetooth, a fingerprint scanner, a keyless entry panel, and a spare key. It’s IP65 rated, so you can be assured it will operate in all weather conditions, including rain and snow.

Eufy smart door lock in use

Eufy works with Amazon devices, like the all-new Echo Show 8 and the Echo Dot. It also connects to any Android or iOS smartphone, where you can also unlock the door. Using Alexa, you operate the lock remotely, which is helpful if you’re like me and always wondering if you actually locked the door when you walked out of the house.

This model has no support for Apple Watch or other smartwatches, which is a shame. Nonetheless, this is an easy-to-use deadbolt with impressive smart technology.


  • IP 65 weatherproofing
  • Fingerprint scanner and touch panel
  • 3 color options
  • Works with Alexa
  • Ability to control remotely


  • No support for smartwatches

Pay $160 now at Amazon