Save $40 on Amazon Echo (4th-gen)

The Amazon Echo boosts your Wi-Fi signal if you have an eero router, works with all Fire TV devices, and has fantastic sound. It’s also on sale for President’s Day.

The Amazon Echo makes a brilliant smart home hub

The Amazon Echo is in its 4th generation, and Amazon has worked out the kinks of previous releases. The latest Echo has full HD sound that supports Dolby audio. It can also serve as a hub for your entire home of accessories.

The Echo is bigger than the Amazon Dot Kids, and it pushes out a richer sound profile. The Echo supports lossless HD with select streaming services and has a built-in microphone that you can use to stream songs, turn smart bulbs off and on, adjust the thermostat, and catch up on the news and weather reports.

Amazon Echo on shelf

Echo devices work with Fire TV devices, so you can turn one or two units into a complete home theater setup. Echo is also compatible with the eero network, so it boosts your Wi-Fi network instead of overloading it.

Users concerned about privacy features will be happy to note that the microphone on the Echo can be turned off and on at will.

The Echo is motion sensitive, too, capable of turning on lights and smart plugs when you walk into a room.

My only complaint is that the built-in temperature setting isn’t always accurate. That’s not a dealbreaker since it usually registers just five degrees difference, but the Apple HomePod Mini does it better, plus the latter has a humidity sensor onboard.

All in all, this is a solid speaker with impressive sound that supports Zigbee, Matter, and eero.


  • Fantastic sound
  • Speakers are pairable
  • Supports Matter, Zigbee, and eero
  • Voice and motion control
  • Works with Amazon Fire TV


  • Temperature sensors inaccurate at times

Pay $55 now at Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Kohl’s