Get a deal on the Apple Watch Series 9

The all-new Apple Watch 9 has GPS and cellular connectivity, sensors to track everything from your heart health to your activity, and a beautiful always-on Retina display.

Track your life and your health with Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 9 is the latest in a long string of hits from Apple. This hybrid smartwatch operates devices in your smart home, plays music, monitors your heart and fitness, and so much more.

New is the Series 9: a brighter display (2,000 nits versus 1,000 in the Apple Watch 8), a faster processor, and the introduction of Double Tap gestures. With Double Tap, you tap your forefinger and thumb together, and you’ll have immediate access to tasks assigned to the action button and digital crown, allowing you to launch apps quickly.

The Apple Watch 9 case is designed with 100 percent post-consumer aluminum and the newest woven watch bands are likewise made of recycled materials.

Apple Watch 9 integrates beautifully with the Apple HomePod and HomeKit. That means you can use it to stream music, turn smart bulbs off and on, adjust the thermostat, control smart plugs, and perform other tasks you normally would in HomeKit.

smartwatch from Apple

If you’ve been waiting for an Apple Watch 9 deal, don’t let this one pass you up.


  • Gorgeous 2,000-nit Retina display
  • 18 color options
  • GPS + Cellular
  • Sensors galore
  • Faster processor


  • Requires an iPhone

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