Linkind smart bulbs are on sale

Smart bulbs are one of the easiest ways to start building your smart home. Most bulbs communicate with specific hubs and apps, making it a chore to research compatibility and downright work to install.

Linkind smart bulbs are certified to work with everything, so you can quickly add them to your Apple Home and HomePod, Google Home, Alexa, or SmartThings during setup.

Linkind Matter bulbs are color-changing, can sync with any music playing in your room, and have built-in voice control. Trust me, there’s nothing more satisfying than switching your lights off and on with nothing but your vocal chords.

Linkind smart bulbs in tent with family

Linkind bulbs can mirror the sun’s natural patterns from dawn to dusk, a proven way to help you wake, get better sleep, and feel refreshed during the day.

These LED bulbs have a long life—up to 22 years—and display a ton of colors so you can set the vibe while you’re working, watching a movie, or eating dinner.


  • Works with Apple, Alexa, Google, iDot, and SmartThings
  • Can sync to music
  • Programmable to work on a schedule
  • Lots of color choices
  • Easy to install and use
  • Voice control


  • Doesn’t work with dimmer switches

Get a two-pack for $12 at Walmart