Roku Smart Home smart bulbs are on sale

Roku smart bulbs come in a two-pack, feature 16 million color options, and fit standard light sockets.

Use your voice to adjust your lights

Roku smart home bulbs come in a two-pack, and they’re a bargain at regular prices, but right now, you can put a few extra bucks in your pocket with this deal.

Roku bulbs are dimmable, work on a schedule, sync with other smart bulbs, and feature 16 million color options. Adjust the brightness, color, and temperature using the Roku app or fire up your Google Assistant or Google Nest device and Amazon Alexa Show hubs.

Roku lights are simple to use, affordable, and a fantastic way to add a little ambiance to your smart home.


  • 16 million color options
  • Set schedules and scenes
  • Works with Google Assistant and Roku
  • Great deal
  • Excellent automation features


  • No support for Apple HomeKit

Grab the Roku smart bulbs for just $18 at Walmart and Roku