These $10 earbuds have a near-perfect rating

Wireless Bluetooth earbuds often come with a crazy price tag. These earbuds cost less than $10 and are loved by nearly everyone.

Occiam waterproof earbuds cost next to nothing

These days, investing in most wireless earbuds costs a pretty penny. Whether you’ve considered the well-loved Apple AirPods or Android’s Samsung Galaxy Buds, your pocketbook will take a hit.

Occiam earbuds are normally just over $20, but, right now, you can grab them for less than $10. That’s a smart home deal you won’t want to pass up.

All the details in under a minute

black wireless earbuds in case

Occiam wireless earbuds have a few extras that more expensive offerings lack, like an onscreen display that shows you how much juice is left in the batteries and the IPX7 waterproof rating. Here’s a quick rundown of what we like and what we’d like to see out of Occiam in the future.


  • The case has an onscreen display
  • They work with Android and Apple devices
  • 8-hour listening time, 64 hours with the case
  • Easy to pair
  • Waterproof
  • S-L ear tips included
  • Comfortable


  • No wireless charging
  • Just one color option: black

Are the Occiam earbuds right for you?

earbuds and case on desk

Occiam wireless earbuds have excellent sound, Bluetooth 5.3, pair with every device in your home, and have a microphone that competes well with pricier audio options. They’re also waterproof. This makes them an excellent pick for the gym, travel, school, office, or as daily buds.

If you like color options and wireless charging, you’ll want take a pass.

Get the Occiam wireless earbuds now for $10 at Amazon