Save on the wired Google Nest doorbell

The Google Nest doorbell is one of the best smart doorbells around. This second-generation model comes in four colors and connects to your existing doorbell wires, working with your already-installed chimes.

Nest doorbell footage can be viewed on your phone or using a Google-compatible smart hub/display like the Google Nest Hub Max.

Real-time and recorded footage is in full HD and captures fine details during the day and at night. You can clearly see people and packages on your stoop, and all videos stay safe in the cloud.

Speaking of the cloud, like all doorbells today, the Google Nest wired doorbell comes with a fee. If you want the cloud option, you must pony up $6/month or $60/year. Of course, you can use the doorbell without a subscription, but you’ll only be able to capture live footage triggered by motion at your front door.

If you want a replacement for your tired, dumb doorbell, this is the deal to jump on.


  • No batteries to change
  • Works with all Google Nest devices
  • Captures motion at your front door well
  • Simple installation
  • Good sound and video
  • Full HD footage


  • Subscription fee for storing video in the cloud

Get it for $150 at Best Buy, Home Depot, B&H, and Amazon