Get the latest Google Pixel Tablet

The newest Google Pixel Tablet has a charging speaker dock, an 11-inch screen, 128GBs, and makes a great control center for your entire smart home.

Save $100 on the Google Pixel Tablet

The price of the newest Google Pixel Tablet with a charging speaker dock has dropped 25% today. For your money, you’ll get an 11-inch touchscreen with adaptive brightness, the speedy Google Tensor G2 chip, 128 GBs of space, and a charging speaker dock.

The Google Pixel Tablet comes in three colors: hazel, porcelain, and rose. The screen is perfectly sized for managing your Google Nest doorbell, smart plugs, outdoor security lights, smart coffee maker, and other smart home devices, plus watching movies and videos. This tablet has Google TV, giving you access to thousands of television shows and movies. Chromecast is also built-in, so you can cast your screen to a smart TV if you prefer.

woman using Google Pixel Tablet

With Google Home, you can manage all your smart home devices by tapping on the home panel or using your voice. In seconds, you can adjust the temperature on your thermostat, dim the lights, or lock your front door.

Placing the Pixel Tablet in the included speaker dock keeps it charged, and it does double-duty as a powerful speaker that beams sound around the room.

Our only complaint is about the docking station, which we love overall. Trying to remove the Pixel Tablet from the docking station, especially with one hand, is a challenge though. A strong magnet locks the tablet in place, and to safely pick up the tablet and unlock it, you’ll need to use both hands or the entire dock will come with it.


  • Speedy
  • Sharp, impressive resolution
  • Makes an excellent smart home control center
  • Speakers have good sound
  • Google TV and Chromecast built-in


  • Can be difficult to remove from the docking station with one hand

Google Pixel Tablet is on sale for $399 at Amazon and Best Buy