Smart home deal: Echo Pop Kids

The smart home deal of the day is the Echo Pop Kids, a smart speaker designed just for children.

Save 50% on the Echo Pop Kids

The Echo Pop Kids is a fun-looking speaker made with kids in mind. Just like the original Amazon Echo Pop, this kid-friendly version is a smart speaker with Alexa intelligence inside. Children can ask Alexa to read a book, play a game, set a morning routine, check the weather, set a timer, and stream songs.

This small speaker has easy-to-implement parental controls, guaranteeing Alexa will filter out explicit songs, words, and responses. Parents can also set daily time limits on the Echo Pop Kids through the Amazon Parent Dashboard.

Amazon Echo Pop Kids on desk

Amazon Echo Dot Kids comes with your choice of two front-facing designs. Choose from Disney Princess or Marvel’s Avengers. When your kids ask Alexa a question by saying, “Hey Disney!,” a beloved Disney character will respond.

This smart speaker has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, good sound, and is small enough to fit on your child’s nightstand or on a desk.

With this model, kids can set their own timers and alarms, turn smart light strips and smart bulbs off and on, call parent-approved friends and family members, and turn to Alexa for help.

This Echo Pop Kids sale includes six months of Amazon Kids+, a digital subscription aimed at children 3-12 years of age.


  • Excellent parental controls
  • The microphone can be turned off
  • Good speaker sound
  • Can set timers, schedules, read stories, and more
  • Two fun designs


  • Best for kids 12 and younger

The Amazon Echo Pop Kids is $25 at Best Buy, Kohl’s, and Amazon