Nanoleaf Essentials smart bulbs are on sale

Nanoleaf Essentials smart bulbs are color-changing and Matter-certified, so they work with every hub and operating system.

Smart bulbs that work with everything

The biggest barrier to entry when buying smart bulbs is finding lights that are compatible with your home hub. Nanoleaf Essentials Matter smart bulbs work with Amazon Alexa devices, Google Assistant smart home devices like the Google Nest Hub Max, SmartThings, and Apple HomePods.

Nano Essentials smart bulbs require a hub for voice control, so you’ll want to make sure you have an Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomePod in your house if you want to take advantage of that. If you don’t plan to use your phone to change your smart bulb settings, the free app can do that for you, as well as dim bulbs with a swipe on your smartphone touchscreen.

Nanoleaf Essentials Matter smart bulb

Nano Essential smart bulbs are 1,100 lumens and endlessly dimmable. They also change colors on demand, so you can set the mood for dinner, movies, schedule bulbs to turn on when you walk in the front door, and schedule when the lights turn on and off.

This three-pack of smart bulbs from Nano Essentials is easy to set up with your smart home hub; the app works as it should and is a great value.


  • Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, and Apple HomeKit
  • 1,100 lumens
  • Color-changing
  • Dimmable
  • Excellent value


  • Requires a Matter-compatible home hub

Get Nanoleaf Essentials for $18 at Amazon

We named Nanoleaf Essentials one of the best smart bulbs for Apple!