Start your Apple smart home with Apple TV

The Apple TV 4K 3rd-gen is a top-notch streaming device and can also be a hub for Apple HomeKit.

Apple TV 4K is on sale

The Apple TV 4K is in its third generation, and this is the latest release of the beloved streaming device. If you’re trying to set up an Apple-based smart home, Apple TV can serve as your hub, making this an easy way to get started with Apple HomeKit and get a stellar streaming device.

This Apple TV has 64GB of space, 4K resolution, HDR, Dolby Atmos, Spacial Audio, a newly improved remote, and Siri.

The new remote that comes with Apple TV 4K has improved in design and function. You no longer have to struggle with the weird touchpad design for navigating the menu. Now, everything is accomplished with a few clicks or your voice. You can use Siri to navigate menus from the remote or your iPhone, play music, watch an Apple TV show or movie, and even launch another streaming service like Netflix.

If you put on Apple AirPods Max or Apple AirPods to watch TV, you’ll love the inclusion of Spacial Audio. It puts you front and center in every scene and makes movies come alive in a whole new way. You can also add one or two Apple HomePods to create your own soundbar setup.

If you need a new home entertainment setup or have always wanted to get going with Apple HomeKit, here’s your chance to pocket a few bucks.


  • 4K HDR
  • Dolby Atmos supported
  • Spacial Audio
  • New remote is easier to use
  • Excellent HomeKit hub
  • Onboard Siri


  • You’ll need an Apple ID (free) to use

Get Apple TV 4K for $125 at B&H