A rare price drop on the Apple HomePod Mini 2

The Apple HomePod Mini 2 is a small speaker with big sound, built-in temperature and humidity sensors, and Siri onboard.

Save $20 this weekend on the Apple HomePod Mini 2

It’s a rare day when the Apple HomePod Mini 2 goes on sale, and today is your lucky day. Get the Mini 2, Apple’s latest small smart speaker, in one of five colors at a $5 discount.

The Mini 2 is one of our favorite desktop-friendly speakers for Apple enthusiasts. It sounds good, streams music and podcasts with a hiccup, and takes control of your smart home by serving as a hub for smart bulbs, thermostats, door locks, smart plugs, and more.

Apple HomePod Mini 2 in use

Siri, Apple’s assistant, is baked into the HomePod Mini 2, and you can call her up using your voice at any time. Use Siri to check the weather and your schedule, play tunes, get a lead on your commute, and control all your compatible smart devices. Another plus: you can transfer calls from any iPhone, iPad, or Mac to your HomePod for hands-free calling.

We love the climate features of the HomePod Mini. Pulling up the Apple Home app gives you access to the current temperature and humidity levels in the room. Sweet!

The HomePod Mini 2 has a nice, balanced sound that you can adjust by tapping the top of the device or with your voice. Add a second speaker for instant stereo, or attach them to your TV for surround sound.

Our only gripe is that the HomePod Mini 2 is only compatible with Apple devices, so you’ll need an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to jump on board.


  • 360-degree audio
  • Sounds great
  • Simple setup
  • Useable as surround sound for any TV
  • Five color options


  • Compatible only with Apple devices

Now $80 at Best Buy