Stick to your health goals with a smart scale

The Withings smart scale syncs with your phone over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and records weight trends, BMI, and body composition.

Withings Body Smart Wi-Fi smart scale is on sale

Smart scales outshine traditional scales in every way. With a smart scale, you (and everyone else in your household) can track your weight changes daily, along with your body composition, visceral fat index, BMI, and more. Your old scale with the noisy dial that was never quite accurate just can’t measure up.

The Withings Smart Advanced Body Composition Smart Wi-Fi Scale comes in black or white and has a minimalistic aesthetic that blends with any room. It tracks weight trends, BMI, and full-body composition, gives you your visceral fat index details, and provides insights into cardiovascular health.

The Withings smart scale uses Wi-Fi to sync data and connects to your smartphone over Bluetooth. With Wi-Fi sync, you don’t need to have your phone with you to record data. It’s a nice feature that sets Withings apart from the competition.

The Withings smart scale is accurate, multi-user friendly, and runs on four AAA batteries.

The only potential negative is that this Withings model does not have a talking feature that reads your stats aloud. If you live in a large household, you may not want to advertise those stats, but if you have vision problems, you’ll have to either squint down at the screen or use the app to view the information.

Best of all, this smart scale is FSA, HRA, and HSA eligible, so you can let your health insurance company foot the bill.


  • FSA-eligible
  • Tracks all major health metrics
  • Well-made app
  • Supports up to eight users
  • Syncs with Apple Health


  • No voice options

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