Get three smart plugs for one low price

Kasa smart plugs work over Wi-Fi, are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT, and don’t require a hub.

Get a 3-pack of Kasa smart plugs for less than $20

Kasa smart plugs (model HS103P3) rank high on our smart home must-have products list. The Kasa Mini plugs have a smaller design than other plugs, so you can they don’t block the second outlet. That means you can stack two smart plugs in one outlet, or use one plug and also have a lamp, smart speaker, or smart TV plugged into the second outlet.

Kasa plugs do not require a hub but play well with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant devices like Amazon Echo Dot and Google Nest Hub Max. Using only the power of your voice, you can turn your outlet on and off with Alexa and Google.

Kasa smart plug app

If you don’t have a hub, no problem. Kasa’s free smart plug app helps you put your plug on a schedule, switch devices on or off, and control your outlets from anywhere.

Kasa has a grouping feature, which lets you combine smart plugs with all your other Kasa smart devices, making them easier to manage and control. Add in your Kasa smart bulbs, indoor security cameras, smart light strips, and other smart home accessories and manage them all in one place.

If you’re on the Apple bandwagon, it’s worth noting that these Kasa Mini plugs do not work with Apple HomeKit, so you can’t use voice control with your HomePod, Apple Watch, or Apple TV.


  • The small size doesn’t block the second outlet
  • Voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Hub not required
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Excellent value


  • Lacks support for Apple smart home devices

A 3-pack of Kasa Mini smart plugs are $20 at Amazon