This headphone stand is also a charging station

A headphone stand lift your cans off hard surfaces, protecting the ear cups and headbands and keeping them within reach. This model from HiWe ranks as one of our best picks because it also serves as a charging station for phones and earbuds.

Charge your phone and keep your headphones secure

We like the HiWe headphone stand with wireless charger so much that we named it one of the best AirPods Max accessories. It’s not made just for Apple, though. The HiWe headphone stand fits most over-ear and on-ear headphones, supporting and preventing creases to the headband while protecting the ear cups from bending and deforming.

The HiWe isn’t just a headphone stand; it’s also a wireless charging station. The wireless charger on the base of this stand can top off the batteries on your iPhone, Android phone, and wireless earbuds. It’s compatible with Android wireless buds, Jabra buds, and all Apple AirPods, including Apple’s AirPods Pro 2 and AirPods 2. There’s also a USB port for charging additional devices, like remotes, tablets, other phones, and headphones.

headphone stand and wireless charging station on desk

HiWe’s headphone stand and wireless charger are available in black or white and include the stand, wireless charging base, and power cord.

If you want a space-saving headphone stand that also functions as a wireless charger, HiWe should move to the top of your list.


  • Well-balanced headphone stand
  • Two color options
  • USB port for charging devices
  • Wireless charging on the base
  • Good value


  • Does not have MagSafe

Grab the HiWe at Amazon for $36