AirPods Max accessories you will love

Apple AirPods Max are still among the best over-ear headphones on the market. Their crazy immersive sound, impressive active noise cancellation, and ability to call up Siri with your voice to control smart home devices like smart bulbs and smart light switches make them one of our favorites this year.

Still, we love our AirPods Max accessories. From silicone ear pad covers to charging stations to leather cases, AirPods Max accessories protect your pricey investment and give you a few style points to boot.

If you want to outfit your new headphones, check out our list of faves.

Woolnut leather case for AirPods Max

leather case for AirPods Max

Apple’s case for the AirPods Max is OK if you don’t stray far from home, but it doesn’t offer much protection from drops or for those who want to toss their headphones in their backpack and hit the road.

Woolnut’s tailor-made case is designed with Scandinavian full-grain leather on the outside and cushioned with fluffy microfiber on the inside. Magnets on the interior automatically activate low power mode, and YKK metal zippers from Japan keep your headphones locked tight inside. Woolnut gives you enough room inside for your charging cable and plug, and this case is built to withstand the rigors of everyday life.

Available at Woolnut in cognac, black, and green

HiWe headphone stand and wireless charger

AirPods Max headphone stand and charger

The HiWe headphone stand can be placed on any flat surface, like your desk, smart nightstand, or entertainment center. It cradles your headphones and charges your smartphone and earbuds simultaneously.

Available in black and white, this two-in-one AirPods Max accessory has a 15W fast charger that works with all modern phones and earbuds from Apple and Android.

Find it on Amazon

Wicked Cushions SweatZ Max earpad covers

AirPods Max earpad covers

If you want to take your headphones to the gym without worrying about sweat and grime building up on the ear cushions, look to the Wicked Cushions SweatZ Max. They’re washable, sweatproof, and available in 12 colors and styles.

The Wicked Cushions slide on and off your earpads in seconds, protecting them against moisture, the elements, dust, and other no-nos.

Get them on Amazon

Lamicall headphone stand

headphone stand for AirPods Max on side of desk

One of my personal favorite AirPods Max accessories is this headphone stand from Lamicall. It mounts to any surface with a sticky adhesive and gives you a place to safely store your earphones when not in use.

The Lamicall stand comes in six colors, wipes clean, and takes just minutes to install. You can stick it to a wall, the side of your desk, next to your Apple TV, or anywhere else you find yourself reaching for your headphones.

Purchase on Amazon

AWINNER headband cover

black headband cover for Apple AirPods Max

If you feel the AirPods Max could use a little extra padding at the top of your head, you need the AWINNER headband cover. It’s made from washable silicone, easily slips over your headphones, and adds much-needed cushioning for long listening sessions.

This headband cover comes in six colors, installs without tools, and protects your headphones against scratches.

Available at Amazon

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