This smart alarm clock zaps you if you oversleep

The Shock Clock 2 is a smart alarm clock that fits on your wrist and trains your body and mind to wake up on time or face the consequences.

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Shock Clock 2 is one of the best smart alarm clocks for heavy sleepers and certainly one of the more novel ways to wake up in the morning. This wearable device fits on your wrist and cinches comfortably with a watchband-like strap. The wearable alarm clock trains your brain to wake up on time or face getting zapped.

smart alarm clock phone interface for Shock Clock 2

You are totally in charge of how abruptly you wish to wake and how quickly you’ll train your brain with the Shock Clock system. A smartphone app controls the watch, allowing you to slowly get used to the idea of becoming a better morning person. Choose to wake up with a beeping sound, gentle vibrations, or the zap of a lifetime.

With the silent vibration or zap mode enabled, only you feel the alarm, so it’s a good option for couples or families living in close quarters.

Shock Clock 2 on wrist

The Shock Clock 2 smart alarm clock is compatible with Android and iPhones. You control all alarm settings and the zap strength through your phone and can adjust as needed.

The idea behind the Pavlok Shock Clock 2 is that you’ll hack your behavior through stimulus. To avoid being awakened by a zap, your mind and body will automatically begin waking earlier.

As you can imagine, there’s no snooze button on this smart alarm. To disable it in the morning, you’ll need to scan a QR code or do jumping jacks. And if that doesn’t get you out of bed, nothing will.


  • 3 modes of operation: beeps, vibrations, and zaps
  • Comfortable to wear
  • No snooze button
  • Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones
  • Smart sleep cycle analysis


  • Band is not user-replaceable

The Shock Clock 2 smart alarm is on sale for $90 (clip the coupon) at Amazon