The new Sony ULT WEAR headphones are out

Sony has long been a leader in stellar sound, and their latest entry is the Sony ULT WEAR headphones, a less expensive set of cans with Alexa inside.

Sony goes heavy on the bass

New to market this week are the Sony ULT WEAR noise-cancelling wireless headphones. Unlike other Sony earphones, this model has massive bass options. There are three modes to the on-ear bass button: low, medium, and high. Even on the lowest setting, these cans are bass-heavy. If you’ve found the highs too overpowering in other Sony models, you’ll love the Sony ULT WEAR wireless headphones.

These Bluetooth headphones come in white, black, and forest gray, the latter a combination of green and gray that’s a nice break from the usual bleak color offerings. There’s also a case included. The Sony’s fold into themselves and fit snugly inside the case, with room to spare for the included AUX and charging cables.

people wearing Sony ULT Wear headphones

ULT Wear headphones have digital noise cancelation that works well inside or out and a strong battery that lasts 30 hours. Quick charge is also built-in, so a brief three-minute charge via USB-C cable gives you another hour and a half of playback time.

These headphones have Alexa inside, allowing you to use your voice to turn on smart bulbs, smart plugs, and adjust your thermostat, as well ask Alexa to play tunes, lift the volume, and more.

If you’re in the market for new set of wireless headphones that are slightly cheaper than some of today’s best wireless headphones, check out the Sony ULT WEAR.

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