Apple AirPods Max at their lowest price ever

Apple AirPods Max are among the best wireless over-ear headphones on the market. Right now, you can save over $200 on a new pair. Don’t delay!

Quick take

Beats headphones are perfect for those who like surround sound and noise cancellation, and Sony’s ULT WEAR is the top pick for those who want bass-heavy sound. The best of both worlds comes from the Apple AirPods Max, now heavily discounted at Amazon.


  • Top-notch noise cancellation
  • Spacial audio and head tracking
  • Generous 20-hour battery life
  • Five color choices
  • Replaceable earcups


  • The case is huge

The best and worst details in less than a minute

Apple AirPods Max and iPhone

Apple AirPods Max are over-ear headphones that weigh in a little on the heavy side but remain comfortable for long hours of use. The changeable earpads mean you can swap them out for different colors or replace damaged ones in less than a minute.

We’re not the biggest fans of the charging case. It’s on the big side, and though you can travel with it, these cans don’t fold down and fit in a small travel case like Beats headphones do.

The sound quality more than makes up for the awkward case, though. Noise cancellation is some of the best we’ve sampled, and Spatial Audio and head tracking puts you front and center in any tune or movie, making you feel like you’re in a recording studio. The mic is also excellent, so they’re a good Zoom companion or way to make private phone calls.

Are the Apple AirPods Max headphones right for you?

man wearing Apple AirPods Max

If you’re deep in the Apple ecosystem and, say, rock an iPad or iPhone or love the sound coming out of your Apple AirPods Pro 2s, you’ll love everything about these over-ear cans. But if you’re on Android or need a smaller set of headphones with a travel-friendly case, you’re better off going with Beats Studio Pro cans or a cheap pair of earbuds.

Grab the Apple AirPods Max for $398 at Amazon while supplies last