Lenovo Smart Clock Essential price dropped

A smart clock is an ideal accessory for any room and one of the best smart alarm clocks for heavy sleepers. This sleek model from Lenovo boasts a bright display, Google Assistant, a built-in night light, and it can control more than 40,000 smart devices.

This inexpensive smart clock makes a perfect smart home hub

The price of the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential has dropped, and we love this unit for its looks, functionality, and ability to serve as an inexpensive smart home hub.

The Lenovo smart clock has Google Assistant, so you can call up help with a simple “Hey Google,” followed by your command to turn on a smart bulb, adjust the temperature on a smart thermostat, and turn more than 40,000 smart home devices.

This clock looks nice on a bedside table, work desk, living room table, or anywhere else you could use a hub and clock.

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential has an adjustable 4-inch LED display, microphone mute button, alarm clock, Bluetooth 5.0, rich-sounding speaker, and a dimmable nightlight.

If I must complain, I don’t like the night light on the back of the Lenovo turning on whenever the alarm sounds. There’s no way to adjust or disable this feature, so waking up can be a little harsher than necessary if you’re not a morning person.

For those who need an extra clock or alarm in the house and want a smart clock, the Lenovo Home Essential is a fantastic bargain.


  • Sleek
  • Google Assistant
  • Night light
  • Controls up to 40,000 smart home devices
  • Bright 4-inch LED
  • Speakers sound great


  • The night light comes on with the alarm

Get it for $55 at Walmart