Best Amazon Echo Show 5 accessories

Amazon’s third-generation Echo Show 5 is one of the most capable smart home hubs available today. With more than 200 voice commands available to turn on smart bulbs, check on your smart thermostat, see who’s at your video doorbell, view the weather, start a movie, or stream some tunes, the Echo Show 5 is a refined smart home hub that’s small enough to fit on any desk or countertop.

Adding an accessory or two to your Echo Show 5 only enhances your experience. You can get rid of an annoying glare on your screen with a swivel stand, protect the screen with a screen protector, and even recharge your other devices with a magnetic mount.

These are the best Amazon Echo Show 5 accessories available today.

Get just the right angle

Black tilt and swivel stand for Amazon Echo Show 5

ECHOGEAR Tilt + Swivel stand

Sunlight and overhead lights can cause distracting glares on screens. This tilt and swivel stand solves that problem by letting you move your Amazon Echo Show 5 into the perfect angle. The ECHOGEAR stand has 360-degree swivel capability and attaches with a magnet. Get it now in black or white to match your smart home hub.

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Replace the power adapter

black Amazon Echo Show 5 power adapter

ZTTXL 15W power adapter

Whether your original power adapter is on the fritz or you want a longer cable, adding this 15W cord and wall plug from ZTTXL is a no-brainer. A built-in IC Smart Chip protects against overheating, and the long 5.8-foot cable gives you a little more reach.

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Mount your smart home hub under a cabinet

under cabinet black mount for Amazon Echo Show 5

Matterform Echo Show 5 mount bracket

If you use your smart home hub to follow recipes in the kitchen or as a smart home hub in your office, the Matterform Echo Show Show 5 under cabinet mount is brilliant. The space-saving design keeps countertops clear and encloses your device, while still giving you access to buttons and controls.

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Turn your smart home hub into a portable device

white battery base for Amazon Echo Show 5

GGMM battery base and stand

The Echo Show 5 has excellent sound, and now you can take that on the road, to the beach, or the backyard. The GGMM battery base gives you 9.5 hours of power. Move your smart home hub to the floor to exercise, out to the patio for dinner, or anywhere else without being tied to a power cable.

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Charge your devices

Amazon Echo Show 5 charging stand

MOHOSOKO adjustable height charging stand

The MOHOSOKO stand tilts, swivels, and lifts your Echo Show 5 off your desktop. It’ll also charge your smartphone, earbuds, and other devices. Brilliant! On the back of the stand, you’ll have access to one USB port and one USB-C port, so you’ll never run out of juice.

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