GE Cync’s indoor smart plug is on sale

This Wi-Fi/Bluetooth smart plug works with Alexa and Google but doesn’t require a hub

A reliable smart plug with a built-in Wi-Fi bridge

I’ve owned these GE Cync indoor smart plugs for over a year, and they’ve been 100 percent reliable. They’re responsible for turning my reading light and office light off and on, firing up my Christmas tree lights over the holiday, and putting a living room light on a schedule so that it looks like someone is home even if my house is empty.

You don’t need a hub to use these indoor smart plugs, but you can add them to Google Home, Alexa, and Apple HomeKit. Using any of those hubs or the free Cync app, you can put your coffee pot on a timer, switch bulbs and appliances off and on, and schedule lights to turn on and off automatically.

GE Cync smart plugs make everyday appliances, devices, and outlets smart.

You can use your voice with Alexa devices, like the Echo Show 15, Google Assistant-compatible hubs, and Siri smart home devices like the HomePod Mini 2. You can speak to your smart home hub and tell it to flip lights off or on, and also control any device. Imagine waking up to a cup of freshly brewed coffee after telling your Apple TV to turn on the coffee maker.

My only complaint is that the GE Cync indoor smart plugs are slightly wider than standard electrical outlets. They don’t stick out like a sore thumb, but you will notice they’re there, especially if your outlet is out in the open.

For smart light automation, there’s nothing more budget-friendly or easier to use than GE Cync.


  • Reliable
  • Compatible with Google, Alexa, and Apple HomeKit
  • Controllable by voice or app
  • No hub required
  • Terrific value


  • They’re slightly wider than standard outlets

Get one today for $12 at Best Buy