Get a eufy video doorbell and chime on sale

The eufy smart Wi-Fi video doorbell gives you 2K footage and doesn’t require a subscription. Now that’s a smart home deal.

No subscription required for the eufy video doorbell

We love the eufy Security, a smart Wi-Fi doorbell with a chime included. Unlike all other smart doorbells on the market, eufy does not require a monthly subscription. Video footage is stored in the device instead.

The eufy smart video doorbell records in 2K, a slight bump over the usual Full HD, and recognizes faces in bright daylight and after dark.

eufy video doorbell installation

This doorbell works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant devices like the Nest Hub Max, Google Nest Hub, and Amazon Echo.

Best of all, eufy includes a free chime with this doorbell.

The only complaint on my end is that the battery could last longer. You can solve this by picking up a spare battery and planning to make more frequent battery swaps in extreme temperatures.

This eufy is wireless, installs in less than 30 minutes, and records all footage to a memory card. Alerts are sent directly to your mobile device, allowing you to track who’s at your door and when.


  • No subscription required
  • 2K footage is crisp
  • Chime included
  • Well made
  • Outstanding value


  • You’ll want to pick up a second battery

Get it at Best Buy for $130