Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 smartwatch sale

The Samsung Galaxy Watch6 has a super AMOLED display, a battery that lasts all day, and it gives you access to health and fitness data.

A smartwatch for Android users

If you’re on an Android phone, you already know that the Apple Watch smartwatch isn’t for you. It just plain doesn’t work with Android.

For Android users, one of the best budget-friendly smartwatches is the recently released Samsung Galaxy Watch 6. It looks more like an actual watch than many health and fitness watches and comes in 10 color options.

The newest Galaxy Watch6 has reduced bezels, giving you more screen real estate, plus a bigger display and a slimmer design. In short, it’s comfortable to wear and looks great on any size wrist.

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 on person's wrist

Unlike previous Samsung Galaxy watches, this model doesn’t work with iPhone, something to keep in mind if your daily carry isn’t an Android smartphone.

The Watch 6 has a good selection of health, safety, and fitness features. You’ll get a collection of monitors and sensors that monitor your overall health. You can view your blood oxygen levels, calories burned, distance, exercise duration, AFib history, hours slept, laps swam, skin temperature, heart rate, and much more. This smartwatch is water resistant down to 164 meters, so it’s fine to swim or shower while wearing.

If you’re using this as a fitness watch, you’ll be impressed with the crystal glass watch face that doesn’t show scratches, dings, etc.


  • 10 color options
  • Beautiful screen
  • Sensors to track sleep, fitness, and health
  • Water resistant to 164 meters
  • Durable screen


  • Doesn’t work with iPhone
  • Battery lasts only a day

Get the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 for $230 at Amazon